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Fair Rubber

Fair Rubber Logo

Fair Rubber Association

The Fair Label Association (FLO) does not cover all raw materials with its sealing system. For example, natural rubber – in liquid form: latex – is not included into their list of raw materials to be certified. Natural rubber, often referred to as just rubber, is the sap of the tropical tree Hevea brasiliensis. In order to be able to guarantee that the working and living conditions are improved in terms of cultivation and resale, the Fair Rubber Association was founded. This association transfers the principles of fair trade to rubber cultivation and awards the Fair Rubber logo for the corresponding products.

Fair Rubber: the background

The well-known Fair Trade logo has already proven that fair trade is good for those involved. The idea behind Fair Rubber: enabling primary producers of natural rubber, small farmers and plantation workers to participate in fair trade. Normally, low prices are paid for the rubber tree product. So low that it is often not possible for them to ensure adequate conditions for their families.

What the association stands for

On the way to fairer trade relations, Fair Rubber has decided to pay a fair trade premium of € 0.50 premium per kg dry matter. This additional payment will ensure that – even when world market prices are low – the production costs are covered. It also leaves a small financial margin to allow for additional local measures to improve living and working conditions. As in the case of FLO, the use of the premium is decided either by the board of the small farmers’ association or, in the case of plantations, by an elected body consisting of employee representatives and management delegates.

Would you like to learn more Fair Rubber Association’s work? Have a look at their website!