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Gifting sustainably with the Furoshiki gift wrap alternative

Every year around Christmas time it’s the same story – a flood of packaging waste of Christmas presents piles up in the living room and the paper bin is already full to the brim. In Germany alone, around 8000 tonnes of gift wrapping paper waste is produced annually, most of which is not completely biodegradable. Also, glitter prints and foils don’t belong in the paper bin and are harmful to our environment. That doesn’t have to be the case, we say, and therefore developed a fantastic alternative that will save you a lot of waste.

Why produce so much waste when there are alternatives?

Although there are some biodegradable alternatives, new raw materials must first be processed for these too. Of course it is better than buying wrapping paper with glitter, embossing etc., but we wanted to go one step further and want to remain true to our Zero Waste company philosophy and produce no waste at all. In line with the sustainability principle “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, for FAIR ZONE Furoshikis, sorted saris from Sri Lanka are therefore reused to produce the Zero-Waste talents. Furoshiki literally means “bath towel”, as it used to be common practice in public bath houses to store one’s own clothes. Today, it is used as gift wrapping, especially in Japan.

How are Furoshikis manufactured and how do I wrap my gifts with them?

Upcycling Furoshikis are fairly traded and produced climate neutrally. Two saris are sewn against each other to create unique pattern combinations. From flower prints with glitter to simple check patterns, the saris come in every colours and pattern. You will find four different sizes in our online shop, so that every gift can be wrapped optimally. By the way, the furoshikis are sent randomly and are all unique, so you will get a surprise colour combination in your chosen size. 😉 Of course we have put together a guide for you below the blog post so that you don’t despair when packing your gift.

Fair-trade-initiative to support sri-lankan women

FAIR ZONE Furoshikis are handmade by our friends from Rice & Carry in Sri Lanka, a fair trade initiative with the same mission of combining fair working conditions with ecological added value. In Sri Lanka’s more rural areas, employment opportunities for women are rare, so Rice & Carry has made it their mission to support them in particular and provide them with secure jobs under fair conditions. In the factory on Sri Lanka’s east coast, more than 80 % of the employees identify as women and can therefore make their own living. Thus, with every Furoshiki purchase, not only one more gift is packed waste-free, but also supports an extraordinary fair trade project.

Step 1: You place the gift in the middle of your Furoshiki.
Now you take the two opposite corners and knot them so that the knot lies flat on your gift.
Twist the ends of the knot around your fingers and tie a new knot.

Step 2: You now have two superimposed knots.

Step 3: You can tie the second knot with a little distance to the first knot to create a little handle. With this, you can carry your Furoshiki gift super practical.

Step 4: In the next step you take the two remaining fabric ends and bring them crossed over to the front.

Step 5: Almost done – the ends are then knotted at the front. If you have a lot of fabric left, you can also tie a double knot here.

Step 6: And your Furoshiki gift is ready!

11. November 2020